Do I need to be a CPA/CFA or Excel guru to be able to use the software?

No, the FAT software was purposely designed so that it could be used by seasoned professionals or individuals who are just entering the industry.

Will training be available for new or current FAT users?

Yes– you are able to schedule a 1-on-1 training session, contact us to schedule. We also have videos and previous webinars you can review that cover the general functions of the FAT.

I forgot how to generate one of the reports. What now?

No problem. Contact us at (604) 696-6111 and you will be assisted by our analyst to walk you through the process. Alternatively, you can watch our ‘Generating a Valuation / MPSP Report’ and ‘Generating Marketing Reports Using the FAT’ webinars.

If I want to revisit an old FAT, do I need to start from the beginning?

No, under additional futures (on the ‘Main’ page) we have an option to import data from an old FAT.