The Financial Analysis Tool (FAT) is developed within the Microsoft Excel platform and environment and is fully compatible with 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 365.

Developed in 2007 by professionals, for professionals, and dynamically enhanced on ongoing bases from user feedback, the FAT has been used by business brokers, M&A advisors, and valuation professionals worldwide since 2008. It is the Leading Valuation Tool used in the valuation and analysis of small to medium size, privately-held enterprises.

The FAT allows the user to make the most of their time while ensuring quality and accuracy in their work.

The FAT can be as simple and intuitive, or as complex and analytical as its user’s competence.

The FAT also serves as a learning tool with in-depth comments and expectations of the theory behind most concepts, models, choices, inputs, and calculations.

What does the FAT do?

As a tool, the FAT has multiple functions including but not limited to the following key functionalities, where the user may go as shallow, or as deep, as the user’s skill, knowledge, and competence.

  • Recasting and Normalizing of financial statements
  • Data import functions allows user to import data from old versions of the FAT as well as comparables from DealStats exports for use in the DMD method.
  • Assessing, analyzing, and breaking down inputs and outputs of the subject financial statements including Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statements, Financial Ratios, Growth Analysis, Normalization Adjustment Schedules, Free Cash Flows, Amortizations, Simulations Models, Comparables, and more.
  • It is a ‘Valuation Assessment Tool’ that considers 12 proven and widely accepted valuation methods, using the three broad valuation approaches to value, Income – Market – Cost. The new and improved FAT v4.0 also has a ‘Property Valuation’ tool, which can seamlessly be added to the final Valuation Report if Real Estate is included in the assessment of value. The FAT offers users the flexibility to choose and weigh the different methods based on their relevancy and reasonableness in evaluating a target or subject company. The FAT allows the analyst to conduct financial performance analysis including but not limited to Working Capital, Various Growth Aspects, ROIC, WACC, Comparables, Industry Benchmarks, and more. All of which are visible in both numeric and graphic formats.
  • The FAT also auto generates any desired standard or custom reports such as Valuation Reports, or BOV reports, Financial Analysis Questionnaires, and even populates marketing materials such as the CBP / CBR or CIM / COM, and more. All these reports are included as templates and the user can edit the provided to customize them for their own use or, use their own created template resulting in a most professional and proprietary report, supporting professionalism, and competence.
  • The FAT can be used to analyze historical, as well as future financial performance, working capital, ratios, debt structures, deal structures, and much more.

Benefits of the FAT

  • Incredible, effective, and accurate time-saving tool, which largely automates the intricate, laborious, and demanding process of valuing a business and reporting same.
  • Data import function allows user to import data from old versions of the FAT as well as comparable data from DealStats for use in the DMD method of value. Imports from other sources such as IBA and Bizcomps is being considered at this time though custom imports and functionalities can be created just for the user’s own use. Please contact us for customization pricing.
  • All user instructions are available with the FAT package and most are also accessible within the FAT ‘Main’ page.
  • Technical support and troubleshooting help is available Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 4:30PM Pacific Time Zone.
  • Designed for seasoned professionals and those just entering the profession.
  • Increase your efficiency, decrease the usage of the most valuable resource you have which is ‘time’, and produce professional reports and marketing materials at a fraction of the cost of third-party service providers and / or your own time.

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